The Brand

Opening a bottle of Café de Paris let us soak up the frenetic atmosphere of famous French cafés: gather together at the bar, chill in on the comfy bench seat, or even meet people in the patio.

Café de Paris is a refreshing wine with a strong personality. A delicious thirst-quenching wine made of natural delicate bubbles, and elegant colors.

With Café de Paris, let’s pop the cork and make delightful moments sparkling around !

Casual drinks have never been easier!





Open a bottle of Café de Paris and plunge into the friendly atmosphere of a Parisian café. Capture those chance encounters at the counter, say “cheers” for any reason, set the world right from a booth down the back, or chat with new friends on the sunny terrace.

Café de Paris is a range of wines with a crisp and refreshing taste. Delicious and thirst-quenching, the drinks are a joy to share on any occasion. As aperitif, with dinner, or enjoyed outdoors, Café de Paris has something for every shared moment.


Our chief winemaker, Bruno Kessler, always sticks to his daily mantra : make excellent wines that fit with new consumption habits. In order to do so, he first ensures the highest quality of the products. He prides himself to provide consumers with modern wines, that will trigger emotions and create moments of sharing, thanks to a wide range of unique tastes. This is the path that Bruno’s work takes, delicious wines, respectful of traditions but also future-oriented.


Since 1967, Café de Paris owns a unique and authentique savoir-faire. Elaborated in Cubzac-Les-Ponts in the Bordeaux region, the wines are distributed worldwide. These refreshing wines come from Colombard & Sauvignon Blanc carefully chosen and blended by our chief winemaker. The natural fermentation process gives these wines their delicate & singular perfume.

A remarkable legacy making the brand proud.